Xiaomi's debuting something new at its first CES — and it'll be globally available


Xiaomi may not have the name recognition of such big dogs as Apple or Samsung, but the Chinese phonemaker has still made waves in the past year and plans to aim even higher next year.

Taking its next step in being a household name, Xiaomi will attend its first Consumer Electronics Show this coming January. Additionally, the company plans to unveil an all-new product that will be made available worldwide.

Despite many of Xiaomi’s past products like the Xiaomi Air 12 and Xiaomi Mi5 making a splash with critics, very little of the company’s catalog is available globally.

The debut of the Mi Box‘s earlier this year marked Xiaomi’s first direct US release, though the company still bides its time for the best way to break into the global market. 

Speculation has been rampant on Xiaomi’s Twitter as to what its CES announcement will entail, ranging everywhere from a VR headset to the release of its nearly bezel-less concept phone, the Mi Mix.

That said, considering the company works on everything from phones to laptops to camera drones, there’s no telling what Xiaomi really has hidden up its sleeve. Should they keep up their reputation of high-power devices at relatively low prices, we could see the little-known phonemaker turn into a real contender next year.

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