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What $9,000 can buy instead of an Acer laptop

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Acer says its latest gaming laptop, the Predator 21 X, targets “ultimate gaming enthusiasts who only want the best.”

Acer’s latest gaming laptop starts at $8,999.

The price for “the best” in gaming tech? According to Acer, it’s $9,000.

At CES 2017, Acer revealed its premium gaming laptop with top-of-the-line processors, memory and a 21-inch curved display. It also boasts really cool eye-tracking technology compatible with more than 45 PC games.

Clearly, anyone who spends the $8,999 on the Predator 21 X will receive a beast of a laptop. But there is so much tech you could purchase with that much cash. For some perspective, here’s how far you can go with $9,000:

Three MacBook Pros. This is the latest, 15-inch model with the Touch Bar, 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and 512 GB of storage at $2,799.99. Remember the super expensive Mac Pro model Apple introduced in 2013? You can buy up to 3 of those, too.

Four 55-inch Samsung 4K Smart TVs. Get a curved 4K display for every room in your home!

13 iPhone 7 smartphones. This is for the entry level, 32 GB model. One for you and 12 of your closest family and friends.

180 Amazon Echo Dots. That’s a lot of Alexa.

75 years of Netflix. If you pick the streaming giant’s $9.99 plan, and paid up front (because of course you would), you would be covered for 899 months. Hope you like House of Cards.

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