Updated: iPhone 6S deal: save £124.99 on a new iPhone with EE voucher code 6SEE2999


EE has teamed up with Dixons Carphone’s mobile phone deals site e2save.com to offer you the chance to nab a super-good value iPhone 6S deal.

We’ve had a look around and can say that this is definitely the best value iPhone 6S 16GB deal out there if you’re looking to get 4GB data on EE for as little cash as possible – otherwise we wouldn’t recommend it.

The voucher code 6SEE2999 will reduce the upfront fee for the phone from £199.99 to £75. And then you’ll just pay EE £29.99 per month for 4GB data and unlimited calls and texts – a great value tariff.

To give you some idea of relative value, the next best EE deal for this phone and 4GB data with unlimited everything else is available at Mobiles.co.uk, and with that deal you pay £34.99 per month with a £10 upfront fee.

That deal works out at £849.76 over 24 months – this voucher code deal works out at £794.76 – giving you a real-world saving of £55.

That being said, there are also some really fantastic deals available on O2 as well and you can read more about them on our main iPhone 6S deals page.

The EE iPhone 6S deal in full:

iPhone 6S 16GB | £199.99 £75 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 4GB data | £29.99 per month
Techradar highly recommends this deal on the grounds that it offers better value than any other iPhone 6S 16GB deal on EE with 4GB data. Using voucher code 6SEE2999 you’ll save £55 on the next best deal for this phone on this network.

View this deal: Space Grey | Silver | Rose Gold | Gold
Voucher code: 6SEE2999


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