The best iPhone 7 deals in the US for June 2017


It’s easier to find iPhone 7 deals in the US today because Apple’s newest flagship smartphone is now nine months old as of June 2017 and due for discounts. You won’t be able to buy the iPhone 7 on sale through the official Apple Store, and you never will, according Apple’s very on-point history.

Your best choice is to go with one of the US carriers and either pay $0 down or pay very close to it. Sprint, for example, has one of the best plans we’ve found and it costs $67.09 per month for 2GB of data. At $82.09 per month, you can step it up to an iPhone 7 unlimited data plan.

Gone are the days of buying an iPhone on-contract for the plan. Now it’s all about splitting up device payments over the course of 24 to 30 months. The good news is that you can get these deals today, and you don’t have to wait for those inevitable Black Friday deals to pick in later this year.

Best iPhone 7 deals on Verizon

The iPhone 7 and Verizon because it pairs the most popular US smartphone and the No. 1 US network. Of course, that means finding an iPhone 7 Verizon deal is difficult. But there’s no that can net you up to $650 if you switch to Verizon.

Verizon is offering a $650 Visa prepaid card if you’re new to the carrier and start a device payment plan with them. Note: You’ll also have to trade in your old phone and port your number from a rival carrier, so this deal isn’t for existing customers.

This time-limited iPhone 7 deal really helps if you’re on the hook for Early Termination Fees from another network. Verizon is willing to pay them off for you. If you don’t have ETF fees, you can still get $350 out of the offer.

Best iPhone 7 deals on AT&T

You can get a free iPhone 7 from AT&T with a new Buy One, Get One Free deal that’s meant to bring in new AT&T and DirecTV customers. This BOGO offer is a good option if you’re opening up two new lines and either looking to subscribe to or already have DirecTV.

Your second iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will cost $0 thanks to this promotion, as long as you’re signing up for an AT&T Next plan. The first line has to be $50 and the second line $20 at a minimum and the DirecTV service needs to cost $29.99 or more a month and its new DirecTV Now streaming doesn’t count yet.

This is an excellent deal for iPhone families who don’t want to pay for two new phones at once and are also looking to subscribe to DirecTV anyway.

iPhone 7 deals from Sprint

The iPhone 7 deal from Sprint is a lot like the Buy One, Get One Free offer from AT&T, except the carrier won’t try to lure you into signing up for DirecTV.

Sprint is only asking that you pay for one iPhone 7 32GB over the course of 18 months with a $27.08 device payment plan. Your fee for the second iPhone 7 32GB? Absolutely free. You’ll still need to pay for two lines of service, but Sprint is paying for the cost of the second phone. 

Best iPhone 7 T-Mobile deals

T-Mobile is making sure you have the best iPhone 7 possible with a free upgrade on storage. It’s very easy to be talked into the maximum amount of internal memory that way.

It’s selling the 256GB iPhone 7 for the price of the 128GB version. “That’s like saving $100,” according to T-Mobile. We agree.

So you can either pay $749 for the iPhone 7 128GB or $749 256GB version. You can’t really pass this one up if you planning to upgrade anyway.

iphone 7 deals

More great iPhone 7 deals for June 2017

Anyone looking into other, cheaper iPhone 7 plans can look at carriers like Cricket Wireless, Ting, Tello, and Creedo.

We’re rounded up the best deals on Apple’s phone from discount US networks, too. If you’re really into saving money, check out these deals.


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