Stunning 5GB SIM only deal from ID is the best in the UK!


If you’re after an amazing SIM only deal for Black Friday, we have a special treat exclusively for TechRadar readers!

TechRadar has teamed up with ID Mobile to bring you the UK’s best value SIM only deal. It’s a stunner, even if we do say so ourselves.

This is a 30-day rolling SIM deal which means you’re only locked into it on a month-by-month basis, and the allowance is absolutely amazing for just £10 per month.

It’s going to run until the end of Monday so you have that long to make your mind up, but if you ask us there’s little point waiting!

TechRadar’s SIM only exclusive deal:

ID Mobile SIM only 4G | 5GB data | 500 minutes | 5000 texts | One month | £10 per month
Yes you read that right. This deal gives you 5GB data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts for just £10 per month and it only locks you in for 30 days at a time. Most competing deals are more expensive and will lock you into a longer contract so there really is nothing to dislike about this deal. The next best £10 SIM only deal is also at ID mobile, but offers you less data – 4GB instead of 5GB. ID is Carphone Warehouse’s own network and piggybacks on Three’s 4G network. Fill your boots!

View this deal: at ID Mobile


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