Samsung Galaxy S8 video teaser hints at the phone’s name


From day one we’ve been assuming that Samsung’s next flagship would be called the Galaxy S8, but at no point had that actually been confirmed – or even suggested – by Samsung, at least until now.

Samsung has just launched a TV advert for the phone in South Korea, which once again shows the big screen outline it’s teased before, but this time adds the number 8.

That’s a clear indication that there will be an 8 in the phone’s name, and by extension means it’s almost certainly going to be called the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Not that there was ever much doubt, since it would seem odd for Samsung to abandon a brand or numbering scheme that’s been so successful for it, but now we can consider it all but confirmed.

Feeling the heat

And it seems we’ve got LG to thank for that, as Phone Arena reports that the launch of a TV advert two weeks before the phone’s official unveiling was an unusual move for Samsung, likely brought on by surprisingly strong sales of the LG G6 in the country, with Samsung wanting to remind people that it’s got a flagship of its own on the way.

Not that we’d imagine Samsung is too worried, but after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 it’s got some ground to make up, and early adverts are one way of doing that.


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