Samsung Galaxy S8 could sport 3D Touch-like pressure-sensitivity


Samsung’s next flagship could be getting a little bit more like an iPhone, as there are reports that Samsung will be using pressure-sensitive technology in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to sources speaking to The Investor, Samsung is working on a 3D Touch sensor that will work with its OLED screens, so that Apple can continue to incorporate 3D Touch into its phones when it moves to OLED, as it’s rumored to be doing with the iPhone 8.

But Samsung will apparently be taking advantage of the technology too, with the virtual home key at the bottom of the S8’s display being pressure-sensitive, so that users can open different menus or screens by applying more or less pressure.

The home key is just the beginning

The source only mentions the home key, but if accurate we wouldn’t be surprised if the back and recent apps keys are also pressure-sensitive.

And although the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen apparently won’t be pressure-sensitive, it’s said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s screen quite possibly will be.

You might be wondering why this requires any work, given that the Huawei P9 Plus already has a pressure-sensitive OLED display, but the implementation on the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and presumably the iPhone 8) will apparently boast higher sensitivity and a wider range of pressure-sensing levels, so it should hopefully be more than just a gimmick.


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