Samsung Galaxy S8 case leak suggests it will keep the headphone jack


Samsung hasn’t released any information about the upcoming Galaxy S8, but a render of a protective case that’s alleged to be for the phone has been leaked on Slashleaks, giving us some hints as to what the final phone might look like.

It’s not impossible that the renders could be for a Samsung Galaxy S8 case as third-party accessory manufacturers are usually briefed on a phone’s design prior to its release in order to create products that can be released at launch. 

However, it’s not certain and nothing has been confirmed so do take the details it supposedly reveals with a grain of salt.

One of the biggest things this case suggests is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will retain the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, despite the fact that previous reports have said otherwise and the number of phone brands dropping it is on the rise.

Nothing’s certain

As well as a headphone jack, the bottom of the case shows space of a USB-C port on one side as well as a third space on the opposite side which we would expect is to accommodate a speaker. 

Three button spaces on the left hand side of the case point towards volume up and down buttons as well as a power button, leaving a mysterious gap on the top of the case which could possibly be a microSD card slot. 

On the back of the case there’s a space which is clearly intended for a camera. It’s only big enough for a single lens though so if this render is accurate then we shouldn’t expect any dual camera technology in the S8. 

There’s no official confirmation as to whether or not this case is indeed an accurate Galaxy S8 render so we could still be surprised. 

Fortunately, we don’t have too long to wait anymore; for the last couple of years Samsung has revealed its flagships at Mobile World Congress in February, though delay rumors suggest this reveal might be pushed back to April instead. 


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