Samsung Galaxy Note 7: how much it will cost


All signs point to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being announced at today’s event in NYC. And among the many questions we have surrounding the still-not-official device, two stick out as being super important if you’re someone actually looking to buy one when it launches: how much does it cost, and where can you get it?

We won’t know the exact cost until we hear it straight from Samsung, and even then, the company might divulge pricing details only on a carrier-by-carrier basis. But we can make an educated guess on its price by looking back at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

When it launched last year, you could purchase one for $249 on two-year contract in the US. If you were an AT&T customer picking one up, it costed $24.67 a month for a 30-month duration as part of AT&T Next. Lastly, Verizon offered the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for its full retail price of $696.

If you’re looking to pre-allocate some cash for the next Samsung Galaxy Note device, we think that last year’s figures are a fairly sound foundation to go from.

Next: Will your carrier support the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Looking back again to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it offered both CDMA and GSM support, so just about every carrier was compatible with last year’s phone. Unless the smartphone manufacturer has made drastic changes to its wireless signal chipset, you can be fairly confident that the new device will work without a hitch on your carrier, too.

Our team will be live at the event to see everything as it happens and will keep this article updated with the latest details regarding the pricing and carrier availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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