OnePlus 3T doesn’t come in black because it would look ugly


Jet Black, Very Black, Black… Apple, Google and even the slim PS4 hit the market with their ‘new’ colors this year, as if we’d never seen black before, and the OnePlus 3T was set to join them. But it didn’t. 

Talking at the OnePlus 3T launch event, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei revealed the reasons why the firm opted for its new gunmetal gray color over a black finish. 

“We made a black version, but we didn’t go ahead with it for two reasons,” he said. “First, the subtle curves on the rear of the 3T didn’t reflect the light in the way we wanted. Secondly, the black finish scratched easily.”

Go round to get around

The reason for the ease of scratches are the angular edges of the OnePlus 3T – something owners of the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel don’t have to worry about.

“Apple’s rounded design is harder to scratch,” Pei explained, “whereas the sharp edge on the 3T is easier to scratch.”

As to why OnePlus deemed it necessary to introduce a new shade into its portfolio, Pei revealed that its fan base had been calling for a darker shade of handset for a while.

OnePlus experimented with a range of gray and black options, finally settling on gunmetal for the 3T.


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