Nokia 3310 is breaking records for pre-registered interest


UK phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has reported that the new Nokia 3310 revealed at this year’s Mobile World Congress is breaking records for pre-registered interest.

MWC is the home of flagship announcements and we saw some extremely exciting phones from big brands like LG and Sony this year. 

Despite that, Carphone Warehouse say the Nokia 3310 has received ten times more pre-registration interest than any other MWC flagship in their history. 

Nostalgia not novelty

According to Andrew Wilson, UK Buying Director at the company “there has been an astonishing groundswell of interest in the Nokia 3310 […] Levels of pre-registrations at Carphone Warehouse are incredibly strong, proving that it’s not all hype, and that consumers really want to get their hands on one.”

The new Nokia 3310 was indeed a surprise star at this year’s show in Barcelona with its announcement inspiring mass-sharing on social media and many a reminiscence on Snake high scores. 

Though it doesn’t have all the features we’ve come to expect from the latest flagships or even the latest smartphones (mobile internet for one thing), it has an undeniable nostalgia and appeal for anyone looking for a back-up handset or festival phone.

It may not make the best long-haul travel phone at the moment thanks to frequency incompatibility issues in North America and Australia. If you’re taking a jaunt around Europe, however, it could be ideal.

Don’t miss our comparison of the old and new versions of the Nokia 3310 below and check out our hands on review of the handset here.


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