New leak shows Galaxy S8 is smaller than S7 Edge


Not long ago we saw a diagram showing how the Samsung Galaxy S8 compared to a selection of other handsets, and now we can go one better, as actual photos showing the S8 next to the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have been leaked.

The images, shared by SlashLeaks, appear to show that the Galaxy S8 is significantly larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, as you’d expect, but that it’s actually slightly smaller than the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, despite clearly having a bigger screen (believed to be 5.8 inches).

That’s down to the tiny bezels and lack of a home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it’s an impressive achievement, as Samsung has effectively packed a phablet-sized screen into a more normal sized body.

Credit: SlashLeaks / Weibo

Sketchy shades

Elsewhere, Playfuldroid has shared images that seemingly show the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its screen on, in blue, white and silver or gray colors.

We say seemingly, because they don’t quite match up with the images of the S8 in various colors that leaked recently. 

Those, from the reliable leaker Evan Blass, show that whatever color you get the phone in it will be black from the front, while these ones show the colors extending to the front bezels.

It’s possible that these are accurate, or that they show the Galaxy S8 in some kind of screen cover, but they’re certainly more suspect than other images.

Credit: Playfuldroid / Weibo

Colors aside, these and the images of the Galaxy S8 alongside other handsets match up with what we’ve seen before, showing an almost all-screen front, virtual home, back and recent keys, and an extra sensor at the top, likely housing an iris scanner.

At this point we’re very confident that this will be the general form the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes, but we’ll know for sure soon, as the phone is set to be announced on March 29.


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