Lose an Apple AirPods bud? Here’s how much a replacement will cost you


Apple AirPods are finally for sale! The in-ear buds ship … at some point, but they’re actually shipping! And now we finally know how much you’ll pay to replace a lost one, an eventuality that seems all but certain given Apple’s latest headphones have no wire. 

As outlined on the Apple iPhone service pricing page and first spotted by Apple Insider, replacing a lost bud costs $69 in the US. That’s not quite half of the full Apple AirPods price of $159 (£159.99, about AU$215), but it’s still a sizeable chunk of change. 

We weren’t able to find a replacement price on Apple’s UK support page, though a straight conversion puts the cost at around £56. Since Apple prices tend to be mirrored across the two regions, we wouldn’t be surprised if the AirPods replacement price ends up around £69, or falls in that range. 

We’ve also asked Apple for the AirPods replacement price in the UK, and will update this story if we hear back.

Break pods

As for general repairs, Apple AirPods are covered under a one-year warranty, which takes care of defective batteries but not normal wear and tear. 

Apple will replace batteries that lose capacity over time for $49/£52.44 per AirPod, and other out-of-warranty repairs cost $69. The out-of-warranty AirPods repair fee is listed as N/A on the Apple UK support page.

As for the charging case, its US repair/replacement prices line up with the AirPods: $49 for battery service, $69 for out-of-warranty repairs and $69 to replace a lost case.


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