iPhone 7 price: how much will Apple's new iPhone cost?


The official iPhone 7 price will be announced by Apple on Wednesday, September 7, according to every credible rumor out there, and we’ll know how much the iPhone 7 Plus will cost tomorrow, too.

Good news: Even though Apple is updating the new iPhone specs and internal storage options, the prices are unlikely to change dramatically from what you’d pay right now for an iPhone 6S.

Yes, Apple is saving the most dramatic iPhone changes for 2017, but this is more than a simple “S” upgrade. You’re likely getting a way better camera and internal storage for the same cost.

Here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S price in the US, UK and Australia, all leading up to Apple’s San Francisco press conference on Wednesday.

How much will iPhone 7 cost?

The look and feel of the iPhone 7 isn’t going to change much, with very minor tweaks to its rear antenna lines and the controversial lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The same goes for the unlocked iPhone 7 price around in the US, UK and Australia, where prices are thought to remain relatively stagnant, but the value is poised to increase.

It’ll start at $649 in the US, £539 in the UK and AU$1,079 in Australia, if everything is the same. Only that’s supposed to be for a 32GB version of the phone, replacing the 16GB model.

That’s the big difference this year. The base-line internal storage size is expected to be 32GB since a 16GB iPhone is completely inefficient in 2016 (heck, it was even problematic in 2015 and 2014).

From there, the next two internal storage sizes will increase the iPhone 7 price: 64GB should be $749, £619 and AU$1,149, while the 128GB would be $849, £699 and AU$1,299, if Apple sticks to its history.

How much will iPhone 7 Plus cost?

The 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus is always more expensive than its smaller 4.7-inch counterpart, and this year the Plus version may include a dual camera on the back. That big upgrade comes at a price.

iPhone 7 price

It’ll cost $749 in the US, £619 in the UK and AU$1,229, if Apple sticks to its current pricing scheme. Upping the internal storage would make it $849, £699 and AU$1,379 for the 64GB model.

At the maximum storage level, the iPhone 7 would cost $949, £789 and AU$1,529. Apple phones currently top out at 128GB, but this configuration could be doubled, as you’ll read about next.

256GB iPhone 7 price

There’s a good chance that Apple may switch up the internal size configurations altogether, with rumors of an all-new 256GB iPhone.

iPhone 7 price
iPhone 7 price

If there is a 256GB iPhone 7, analysts have speculated that the 128GB model will replace the 64GB size, and the iPhone 7 will max out at 256GB.

The 256GB iPhone 7 could theoretically assume the old price of $849, £699 and AU$1,299, unless Apple decides to charge a premium for the new configuration.

We’ll keep this iPhone 7 price page updated if that happens.

iPhone 7 price in the US?

The iPhone 7 price in the US needs a special note, as always, because carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have almost completely done away with two-year contracts in stores.

AT&T requires you to either buy the phone in full at $649, or sign up with AT&T Next starting at $25 a month for 30 months. It’s $31.25 per month plan lasts a more reasonable 24 months, and you can turn in the phone after 12 month to upgrade to the iPhone in 2017.

iPhone 7 price
iPhone 7 price

T-Mobile charges the full amount of $649, or asks for $27.09 a month for 24 months.

Verizon is likely to set the iPhone 7 price at $649 in full, with a $27.08 monthly payment plan for 24 months. Currently, it still offers two-year contracts, but only through the official Apple Store.

Sprint has the most iPhone plans, and that’s likely to continue with the iPhone 7, costing $27.09 a month over 24 months, $26.39 a month over 18 months or $199 upfront with a two-year contract. It starts things off at $649 in full for a new iPhone.

Of course, Apple has its own iPhone upgrade program, starting at $27.04 or $32.41 a month. The latter option includes AppleCare+ and the ability to upgrade to the next iPhone after one year.

Verizon and Sprint still offer two-year iPhone contracts starting at $199 through the official Apple Store. AT&T requires a monthly device payment plan or to buy it in full. T-Mobile charges the full amount.

iPhone 7 price in the UK?

When the iPhone 6S launched a year ago, it had the support of all major networks in the UK, and that’s going to stay the same with the iPhone 7 launch, too.

iPhone 7 price
iPhone 7 price

You could get the phone free from £44 on Vodafone with the other networks coming up with slightly more expensive deals.

O2 and EE had deals for free phones as well whilst on Three you had to spend some money upfront with deals starting at £38 a month with a £99 charge on day one.

Everything is of course simpler if you buy the iPhone 7 outright, likely to start at £539.

iPhone 7 price in Australia?

The iPhone 7 price in Australia is unlikely to see an increase since there was a significant bump in the cost a year ago. Apple isn’t expected to charge more two years in a row.

iPhone 7 price
iPhone 7 price

That means we’re looking at a starting price of AU$1,079 for 32GB, with AU$1,149 for the 64GB version and AU$1,149 for 128GB or 256GB, whichever Apple ends with.

We’ll update this iPhone 7 price guide to make sure of the prices, but it’s a good sign that prices will stay the same for everyone for Australia considering it already went through the hassle a year ago.

Can you buy the iPhone 7 unlocked?

This is a big problem in the US, where phones are locked to carrier networks. However, the one big benefit to Apple’s phones over Android devices is that the company wields lots of power. Notice: There’s no ugly carrier logo stamped on your iPhone. Not so on most Androids.

iPhone 7 price
iPhone 7 price

The new iPhone 7 will therefore come unlocked on all four major carriers if bought through the Apple Store or paid for through the carrier in full, and it’ll launch right away.

That contrasts with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, for example, which was only available through AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. A SIM-free version launched four months later. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still under carrier lock and key.

In the UK and Australia, this isn’t a big deal, since phones launched unlocked all of the time. So look for an unlocked iPhone 7 right away there, too.

That’s all for this iPhone 7 price guide, but stay tuned for confirmed prices, just in case Apple throws us any surprises this year.

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