iPhone 7 Plus could be more powerful than iPad Pro


It’s now natural to expect a ‘normal’ and ‘big’ iPhone to be launched at the same time, and a new benchmark leak shows that 2016’s larger iPhone 7 Plus model could be a real powerhouse.

The leak comes from Geekbench (the benchmarking service we use during our reviews) and shows a multi-core score of 6430.

That’s nearly 15% more powerful than the iPad Pro 12.9, currently Apple’s gruntiest iOS device, and shows that the Cupertino brand is really ramping up the power for its new phablet, which will likely use the new A10 chipset to provide that ability.

OK, but…

Well, that’s if you want to take the source as concrete. The benchmark comes from a Chinese forum and only shows a screen grab of the phone’s results – if you’re confused, iPhone 9,2 is the codename we’d expect for the iPhone 7 Plus, as the S variants of the device mean this isn’t the seventh launch of an Apple handset.

Credit: Feng.com

(It also highlights the confusion over the numbers used in iPhone launches – this year will actually be Apple’s 10th iPhone unveil, not including the iPhone 5C and iPhone SE editions).

It would be pretty easy to fabricate an ‘iPhone 9,2’ on top of the screen grab and place iOS 10 as the operating system, which means this leak is far from sure.

But there are some ‘facts’ that dovetail in: the phone only has two cores, which we still expect from Apple on its next round of phones to keep battery life up, and 3GB of RAM has been rumored for the larger phone, given it’s expected to have a number of extra features that’ll need more power to keep running.

Among these are a dual camera, which would require more RAM to process the photos, and the smart connector on the back that could yield accessories that need the phone to undertake a lot more processing to function.

Or it could just be the mad ramblings of someone with a basic skill at Photoshop or website manipulation – but if it’s not, the larger iPhone could be a real step forward for Apple.

From techtastic.nl

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