iPhone 7 colors: what's your favorite shade?


The iPhone 7 launch is all but guaranteed to happen on September 7 and along with a few design tweaks, a dual-lens camera and the removal of the headphone jack we’re also expecting a new color or two.

And you’re here because you want to know more about the new iPhone colors. Last year the iPhone 6S introduced us to a new hue, as Rose Gold joined the ranks alongside Gold, Space Grey and Silver, and Apple is expected to update its range of iPhone colors again with the iPhone 7.

But what new colors will the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come in? Here’s everything rumored so far, but be sure to check back soon for all the official details on the color of the iPhone 7.

Piano Black and Dark Black

Here’s the big change for the iPhone 7 – Space Gray, which we’ve seen in every phone since the iPhone 5S, is apparently going to be retired for two new darker shades in the form of Piano Black and Dark Black.

According to leaked photos from Japanese site MacOtakara, there will be five colors for the iPhone 7 up from the four for the iPhone 6S.

The names of the new black versions come from pictures reportedly taken in a Foxconn factory, where the iPhone 7 is being produced, but the phones weren’t actually pictured it was only a pass including the new names.

We’re taking the names with a pinch of salt, but it looks likely Apple is readying at least one black version of the new iPhone for us.

Deep Blue

Here’s one color not pictured in MacOtakara’s leak, which may mean a sixth option is also on the cards. We’d wager though that Apple will likely just pick one black finish, and alongside blue it would give us potentially five hues to choose from.

JBL launched a speaker at IFA 2016 with a color which apparently matches that of a new, currently unannounced device – the iPhone 7 perhaps? – adding fuel to the Deep Blue fire.

Deep Blue speaker

Unbox Therapy also has hands on with a prototype version of the iPhone 7 Plus in Deep Blue that you can see below.

But it may turn out to be a light blue color after Mobile Fun provided us with a leaked photo of the phone. The UK retailer claims it’s called Light Blue, but it’s difficult to tell from the image provided.

Deep Blue
Credit: MobileFun

Whether this was an experiment for Apple that won’t see the light of day or an exclusive color for the iPhone 7 Plus will be revealed tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


iPhone 6S
Since the iPhone 5, Apple fans have been enjoying silver

The traditional silver iPhone we’ve come to know and love since the release of the iPhone 5 looks certain to be back for the iPhone 7.


iPhone 5S
The iPhone 5S was the first gold iPhone

If you’re looking for a slightly more premium look iPhone, it seems like the gold iPhone will be sticking around for the iPhone 7.

Rose Gold

iPhone 6S
The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus introduced us to rose gold

Are you a fan of the Rose Gold iPhone 6S or Apple Watch? It looks like Apple will be including that shade for the next generation of iPhones as well.

Space Grey

Space grey
Please don’t leave us

Space Grey is an institution, and frankly talk of retiring the shade is just plain hurtful. It would raise more than a few eyebrows, including many at TechRadar towers, if Apple was to ditch one of its most iconic colors – but stranger things have happened.

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