Icecream Ebook Reader


The free version of Icecream Ebook Reader supports most common ebook formats, including EPUB and MOBI, as well as PDF files, and makes everyday reading a pleasure.

It includes a library function that clearly lists all the books and documents in your collection, along with useful information such as file format and reading progress.

Unfortunately, like most of Icecream Apps’ free software, Ebook Reader looks the business and clearly has brilliant potential, but mostly exists as a teaser for the full-fat Pro version (available for a one-time fee of US$19.95 – about £15, AU$25).

User experience

It’s a shame that the free edition of Icecream Ebook Reader is so limited. Some of the features limited to the premium edition include importing multiple ebooks at once, adding notes, editing metadata, and even copying sections of text (though these options are visible in the program’s menus). These drawbacks mean Icecream Ebook Reader’s free release is only really suitable if you’re reading for fun; if you’re ploughing through an academic text you’ll find the absence of a pasteboard unworkable.

Icecream Ebook Reader looks great, and is easy to customize for comfortable reading in any lighting conditions. Its bookshelf system is well designed too, making it easy to manage your literature, and there’s a choice of viewing options to help you find the title you need.

It’s just a shame that the free version of Icecream Ebook Reader isn’t a little more generous. The ability to copy text would make a huge difference, and if you’re looking for a free alternative to the ubiquitous Kindle app, we’d recommend taking a look at Freda and Calibre first.

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