Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be the most secure device to send payments


We’re just weeks away from the Samsung Galaxy S8 reveal, but it seems we learn something new about the forthcoming flagship phone every day. 

The latest rumor points to Samsung’s next big thing using facial recognition to help verify mobile payments. That’s right: Your mug could soon be used to purchase your morning mocha.

“People familiar with the matter” revealed the face-reading tech’s implementation on the S8 to Bloomberg. According to the people, facial recognition will land within months of the phone going on sale.

Interestingly, it appears as though Samsung’s smartphone will use a combo of fingerprint, iris and facial identification to complete transactions through mobile payment apps, including Samsung Pay. This triple layer of identification verification could potentially make the Galaxy S8 the most secure device available to send mobile payments. 

Facial recognition isn’t new to Samsung; past Galaxy phones have employed the tech to unlock their screens. However, never before has facial recognition been used to authenticate payments made through apps.  

If this all seems a bit science fiction-y, there is hard data to back up the demand for increased biometric security, including with facial recognition. 

Research from October 2016 showed a huge jump in the number of UK consumers who want biometric measures to boost security at banks, including through iris (which was the most popular method) and facial recognition. 

With more payment services moving to our phones, it makes sense for Samsung to get ahead of the trend by introducing a completely new verification method. If this rumor pans out, the Galaxy S8 would not only beat the iPhone 8 to market, but could offer a feature completely unique to the competition.

We’ll be on the ground at Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch event on March 29, bringing you all the latest on what the phone has to offer. Stay tuned!


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