Google employees rally against Trump’s immigration ban


Google employees are currently rallying against President Donald Trump’s executive order that bans immigration from seven majority Muslim countries. Googlers all over the country, including at campuses in Mountain View, New York and Seattle are rallying against the immigration ban.

An employee at one of the #GooglersUnited rallies in Mountain View told TechCrunch Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke to the crowd.

“I see many leads from Google here today,” Pichai told the crowd. “We spent two hours this morning talking about all of this. There’s a lot of work which remains to be done. I think it’s important we stay the course and achieve an outcome. I think to do that we all need to learn to reach out and communicate to people from across the country. And I think it’s really important with anything like that we take the extra step to reach out, to have a dialogue and that’s what leads to right outcomes too. But really I think today is about hearing from other voices. We’ve spoken up but I think it’s great to hear the stories so hopefully there will be more and the fight will continue.”

Google co-founder Sergey Brin also spoke at the rally in Mountain View. It’s worth noting that Brin was spotted at one of the protests at SFO over the weekend. Google’s other co-founder, Larry Page, also spoke.


Featured Image: Sarah Fahey


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