9 things to expect from the iPhone 8 launch


We have to kick off with the big one – it’s the iPhone 8. Rumored to be called either iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X, this is the next generation handset from Apple and we’re expecting a major upgrade on the iPhone 7.

Leaks suggest it’ll include a 5.8-inch AMOLED display with a slight curved edge, but it won’t be as sloped as Samsung’s edges. It means the Touch ID button will move to the back and there’ll be face unlock tech packed in there too.

It’s also expected to feature an upgraded A11 processor, at least 3GB of RAM, a dual-sensor rear camera launch and have the latest iOS 11 software onboard.

The price is rumored to be jumping up, too, with some sources saying it’ll be $1,100/£845/AU$1,380.

We’re almost certain we’ll see the iPhone 8 at the big show.


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